Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Most Bizarre Asian Street Food You Must Try Out

Warning: May not be advisable for viewing to those currently eating

Some food will make you drool at first sight. Some might give you a fright. What am I talking about? Here are few examples.

Scorpion, at Beijing, China. You would never dare get close with this poisonous arachnid. What more eating them? Okay, so the venom is removed before serving. But still, it's hair rising.

Tuna eyes,  at Japan streets. Imagine creepy instances when you feel as though somebody’s watching over you. Look no further, it may be just these tuna eyes, oh well, that the Japanese seem to enjoy a lot.

Balut, Philippines. Half-fertilized duck eggs that locals eat with vinegar. It does not look appetizing, but most food essay example say that the taste is pleasing. Bet you probably have to close your eyes first. That’s how you do it.

Oh and by the way, the moral lesson here? No guts, no glory. :)