Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why It’s Important to Eat While Reviewing for Exams

Exams week is just around the corner and eating is one of the things that students forget to do because they are all  so caught up with reviewing, memorizing, and understanding formulas.  Some even get a tutor to cope up with the increasingly harder test formats.

Students should not take their health for granted just to pass or ace exams.  Below are the reasons why you should always have something to munch on while studying for prelim exams.

Wakes you up

A marathon review without snacks or breaks, more so, will make you sleep without knowing.  And then you end up the next day just an hour before school starts and you rush out of the house in panic.  Not a good way to start your exam day.  Nibbling on something will keep your hands and mouth busy which will make you not suddenly doze off.

Bumps up your mood

Being hungry while studying will make you sad and even depress.  You will think of negative thoughts, even those that do not have anything to do with the tests. Eating on moderation while memorizing or answering math problems will put you in a good mood which will motivate you to study better.

Kicks up your brain

Eating, especially nuts and other brain food, can regulate your brain to absorb the lessons and keep them intact until the actual tests begin.  Reviewing with an empty stomach is also reviewing with an empty brain.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Researching Skills: How Important Are They In Dissertation Making

We all know that the most vital thing to accomplish your dissertation is to have an excellent researching skills. There are few things to do to make the best dissertation.

Confidence. Before moving on to your research, you need to check yourself if you are ready in completing your research. Ask yourself if you are have the ability to finish the project and confident enough that it will be the best among others.

Motivation. Researching needs a good motivation. Everyday, you must have a motivation to continue your research. There will be nights you'll think you just want to give up, but preparing tons of motivation will help you push thru.

Read Other's Proposal. Take note of this “Read” not “Copy”. Compare and get some techniques on how the proposal was made. Take note on the headings, and how organised it is.

Focus. The area of your research must be specific. It will take you too long if your are of research is too broad. When you complete your dissertation, you have a definite answer to the question and you'll be able to reach a good conclusion.

Prepare a Good Sets of Questions. This sets of questions will guide your whole research. The questions must have a linked to other research that is same as your topic. The questions must be related to the field of your studies, broad, and relational.

Beneficial to Others. The research must benefit those who participate in the investigation. The people who is with you while doing your research have the right to understand where the investigation will end up. It is your responsibility to share the final findings, their reaction is important for you to know if the dissertation is successful or not.

In much of society, research means to investigate something you do not know or understand.” 
Neil Armstrong

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Outrageous Reasons Why Dissertations are Not Finished On Time

Not all masters student can accomplish a dissertation, we know this fact. Several would be better off doing other activities with their former lifestyle, while, others simply won't be able to complete the actual project.

However , educational culture does not credit the decision to quit composing a dissertation help as reputable. In fact, leaving graduate school carries a reputation a lot worse than that. Several see it as an individual failure.  No wonder striving graduate students rarely consider leaving.

Atrocious Reasons Why Dissertations Are Not Finished On Time.

1. The adviser contributes a big factor why some dissertations are not finished on time. Some supervisor don’t give the right advice, they give invalid reasons , and they think they are too brilliant and expert. The advisor is your best life line to succeed on your research, so if he or she is not doing well, request for a swap.

2. The disappointing looks of family members, friends, and strangers can be another source of unfinished project. The expectations and anticipation might be grandeur, but don’t lose your confidence with this reason. Bear in mind that they are not the one who will grade your papers.

3. Some masters students gets paranoid when they hear the comparison of work that was done. Your friends might get ahead, but don’t worry about that you have your own techniques and time planning.

4. Having a second thoughts with your dissertation writing contributes a major factor why there are unfinished dissertations. If you doubt about your thesis and decided to start from the beginning, make sure your focus is on track so that flaws and exhaustion can’t break you down.

5. Lastly, Social life is the best caution in completing a dissertation. Many students compose themselves in completing their papers, but there are lots of chances that a student will be tempt to try committing in the society demands. You don’t owned the time, you can plan, but you can’t bring it back. So, use it well and remember that sacrifices leads you to the road of success. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Exotic Food that Can Only Be Found in the Streets of China

Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” - Mark Twain.

Asians are famous with regards to the stories about disgusting and strange eating habits. Western countries believed that the cultures of Asian countries are unique and differently nauseating, particularly, the chinese cultures.

The revolting stories of the chinese culture originated from the tale of cat and dog eating. The story was passed from word of mouth but there are no evidences that supports the sensational stories about chinese people.

As a traveler, I'm not just an adventure seeker, but also a culture enthusiast. To seek and experience the different cultures around the globe, requires courage, to try every food for the first time. Here are some of the exotic delicasies that can only be found in the streets of China.

Scorpion on Stick



Dog Brain Soup

Dog Liver with Vegetables

Goat Lung with Red Peppers

source: Chinese cultures