Friday, June 8, 2012

How Facebook Can Affect Student-Teacher Interaction In the Classroom

Are you a student who is a social network fanatic? Do you open your face book account every 5 minutes of the day? Or, are you a professor who accepts invite from your students? Well, if you answer yes to these three, then this is post is created only just for you. 

The famous social networking site Facebook, allows every individual to make a connection, and socialized to their close friends and relatives. It also help to make new acquaintances and friends. Social networking sites featured the users to provide personal information about them, post pictures, and share their personal thoughts everyday. 

Student-Teacher relationships should have a clear wall of boundaries, teachers must be the mentors of the students and not merely friends. Accepting the invite of your students or teacher vice-versa may lead to a relationship that will break the boundary of the student-teacher relationship.

Carole Lieberman, a psychiatrist, explains in her free essays online that social media like Facebook is a form of gateway to illegal relationship. She indicates that accepting the invite of your professor or your student may lead to sexual misconduct. 

I believed that the teachers must know the limitation in befriending their students, they are the role model of the student, they should mold their students to become a role model of the community. Communicating with your students through social media is not bad. Actually it is an accessible way to communicate with the students, but make sure that the topics and conversation must be included in your academic syllabus.