Wednesday, May 9, 2012

7 Most Popular Korean Movies of the 20th Century

Nowadays, Korean Movies are widely captivating the heart of many fans. The quality of Korean Movies are comparable to Hollywood films. There is a difference on the effects but if we speak on quality, Korean movies can be level on Hollywood films.

Here are the 7 most popular Korean Movies of the  20th Century.

Windstruck. film in 2004, directed by Kwak Jae-yong. The lead female character is Jun JI-hyun as officer Yeo Kyung-jin, and the male lead is Jang Hyuk as Go Myung Woo.  The romantic-fantasy comedy was a major success film, and ranked as the 8th highest grossing film of 2004. 

My Sassy Girl. A 2001 romantic comedy film, directed by Kwak Jae-yong. This is a story of a man (Cha Tae-hyun) chance meeting a drunk girl (Ja Ji-hyun) which changes his life forever. My Sassy girl is the highest Korean comedy film of all time, it became a mega blockbuster to South East Asian countries.

A Millionaire’s First Love. Released in 2006, directed by Kim Tae-gyun. The story is about a typical rich kid, stubborn and arrogant who soon fell in love in a simple girl who happens to be his childhood sweetheart. Starred by Hyun Bin and Lee Yeon-hee.

A Moment to Remember. 2004 drama movie directed by Lee Jae-han. The lead stars are Son Ye-jin and Jun Woo-sung. 

A Tale of Two Sister. The horror movie is about two sister came from mental institution, return to their cruel stepmother. There is an interfering ghost who deals with their step mother’s cruelty. Directed by Kim Jee-Woon.

Hwang Jini. One of the famous gisaeng of the Joseon Dynasty, she was noted for her exceptional beauty and extraordinary intellect. She became an almost myth like figure in modern Korea. 

200 Pound Beauty. Is a story about an overweight girl who undergo a plastic surgeries to become a pop sensation. In a essays samples of a Korean Critic, it is indicated that the story earns $45 million, and received Best Cinematography and Best Actress for Kim Ah-jung.

Feel free to submit your favorite Korean Movie.

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