Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why It’s Important to Eat While Reviewing for Exams

Exams week is just around the corner and eating is one of the things that students forget to do because they are all  so caught up with reviewing, memorizing, and understanding formulas.  Some even get a tutor to cope up with the increasingly harder test formats.

Students should not take their health for granted just to pass or ace exams.  Below are the reasons why you should always have something to munch on while studying for prelim exams.

Wakes you up

A marathon review without snacks or breaks, more so, will make you sleep without knowing.  And then you end up the next day just an hour before school starts and you rush out of the house in panic.  Not a good way to start your exam day.  Nibbling on something will keep your hands and mouth busy which will make you not suddenly doze off.

Bumps up your mood

Being hungry while studying will make you sad and even depress.  You will think of negative thoughts, even those that do not have anything to do with the tests. Eating on moderation while memorizing or answering math problems will put you in a good mood which will motivate you to study better.

Kicks up your brain

Eating, especially nuts and other brain food, can regulate your brain to absorb the lessons and keep them intact until the actual tests begin.  Reviewing with an empty stomach is also reviewing with an empty brain.

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