Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Deal With Lazy Dissertation Groupmates

Sometimes I do smart things. Sometimes I do dumb things. Most of the time I don't do anything.”

Does it happened that you have a group project in class and you are assigned to lead the group? It is a notable position but stressful. Being a leader is considering even the most little factor that could affect your group and your project. It can be tiresome, but when you're done with a positive result, then achievement can be seen on your accomplishments.

There are challenges in leading a group, the obstacle you'll face will not be easy. This can be tiresome, to hold the duty of pushing your group mates to become responsible and productive members will not be easy especially on lazy group members.

If you are dealing with lazy group members in your dissertation writing services project, you'll find this post a helpful reference. This will help you guide those lazy groupmates of yours to become a productive one.

Evaluate your group mates. In the process of evaluation make sure that you'll not judge them base on the first glance, remember the quote “don't judge a book by its cover”. Sometimes, they can be capable of doing you least expect them to do.

Assign individual task for everybody. Explain carefully the task you'll give in easch member. Tell them that you trust each of them, boost their morale by saying that they are all responsible.

Set Objectives. Every successful project starts with good planning. Make a smart plan that will be understand by every member, create objectives that will have an terrific result.

Reward. Prize, is a good form of motivation. A person can be pushed by an extra points after completing their task. Rewards will surely ignite the productive side of the lazy member.

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