Monday, September 17, 2012

After-school Tutoring: How to Know if this is For You

You are not Einstein, neither Socrates, but you can be like them if you choose to study seriously. Students who have tutors doesn't have to be shy on their situation, they must bear in mind that somebody who is struggling to learn is better than those who act intelligent.

There are pattern to know if you need an after school tutoring. Check this so you can consider to notify your guardian if you need a tutor after school.

Poor Grades. Having a consistent poor grades is the first and obvious reason why do you need an after school tutoring. However, one must consider the their grades, what I mean in “poor grades” is seeing your report card and you noticed that it is in the failing range.

Moodiness. We all have mood swings, but if your moodiness is consistent because of the low grades in your exams, then it is one of the factors that you must considered to have a tutor.

Tantrums. Negative behavior is everywhere and seeing the signs beyond comprehension of negative attitude within you, then it's time to consider a professional help for your academics.
Excuses. If you are a kid creating excuses is tolerable. However, if your are a young adult (high school) then you are making excuses to not attend your classes then the factor of having an after school tutor must be on your list.

Low Self Esteem. A student who have low self confidence can't participate well in class. Accepting you are the least student inside your classroom is not tolerable, you must consult for a professional help to correct this attitude.

Education costs money, but then so does ignorance” - Claus Moser

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