Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dating your Roommate: Yes or No?

College life is full of surprises, but unlike high school you should handle things maturely. In college you’ll meet different people with different personality and appearances, and falling into someone's arms is not impossible. However, having a relationship with your roommate can be a little bit complicated compare to other relationship in college.No one can say who you’ll fall in love with, but looking at the situation brightly dating a roommate could lead you to awkward situations. 

Typical college life will definitely spark a relationship, because you need someone to be with your side. You’ll long for a company that will be with you during parties or beach bumming. You'll need someone who can proofread your essay writing or thesis project. But, I suggest you think of other options.

College doesn't require you to be in a relationship, you can date anyone who you wanted but look positively at the consequences afterwards. Dating a roommate can make the situation more complicated, because you stay in a one room, you share and see everything. What if your relationship turns out the way you don't expect it to be? The friendship you've developed will be ruin because both of you will experience awkward situations, and worst one of you will decide to leave the room.

When it comes to entering a relationship or dating you don't need to rush things out, take your time slowly. There is a large percentage of break-ups because they start in a whirlwind romances. Think twice or even thrice before you sleep with someone especially your roommate, don't hug the situation that they are there and they are the most convenient.

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