Monday, July 30, 2012

Perfect Dogs for Pre-schoolers

What is the best dog for my pre-schooler? This is not a common question but some wonders what is the suitable dog for their kids. Everybody can make a speculation on the breed of the dog but you'll never know how the puppy will turn out. Lady and the Tramp and Lasie are popular and fun to watch, but don't be confident that they are the best dog for your kid.

Choose the breed of the dog by its size, temperament, disposition, and energy level. Here are some of the perfect dogs for your kids.

Beagle. Cheerful, friendly, and clever, beagle usually gets along with other pets.

Collie. This breed made “Lassie” famous. Collie are predictable, gentle, and trainable.

Newfoundland. The “ Nature's Babysitter”. Veterinarian essays compare this dog as the Mother Teresa of Dogs, because this breed loves children.

Poodle. A smart and gentle dog. Poodle requires a schedule grooming. This elegant dog is loyal and caring, the poodle friendly manner make it an excellent partner for your pre-schooler.

Golden Retriever. A loyal, confident, smart, and kind dog. Its size is not as big as Labrador, this dog is not aggressive and extremely patient.

Goodluck in finding the perfect dogs for your family!

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